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Courses Training Support Services


Positive Focus on Autism and Associated Neurodiversity An ideal overview and top up of ideas and strategies to support autistic neuro-diverse individuals experience their environment positively.  Suitable for all sector staff, carers, individuals ready to connect with positive changes in practice and support.   

Hidden Depths Focussing on reducing anxiety, maintaining good mental health. Suitable for all levels ages and stages. An excellent ‘add on’ session.

Autism the Gender Gap exploring differing presentations and how to recognise and support them.

Practical Strategies to Support Your Child A good add on for those with prior autism experience.

Supporting our Teens Understanding some of the experiences. Exploring meaningful strategies

Supporting Autism in the Classroom Creating autism friendly classroom environments that reduce anxiety, encourage learning and offer appropriate accommodations without compromise to peers.

Strategies to Support Social Success Friendships, relationships and how to feel comfortable with social demand

Empowering Your Autistic Child Developing detective and observation skills to implement successful strategies

An Autism-Friendly Compass: Exploring positive pointers for contented kids

Building Blocks for Happiness and Wellbeing Setting kids up to succeed in a socially busy and demanding world.

Managing Anxiety and Building Self-Esteem Creating confidence and resilience to support comfortable participation



Exploring and Reframing Behaviours (3 x 1 hours) A course developed by request. Ideal for those supporting autistic children who are experiencing challenging moments or difficult days. Support, ideas and strategies to enhance and re-establish a positive lived experience.

FRESH: 6 x 1-hour sessions + 2 x two-hour client led visit or meetings A comprehensive journey to establish autism friendly learning experiences and environments. Ideal for all school / education-based staff 

IDEAS: 6 x 1-hour sessions + 2 x two-hour client led visit or meetings A comprehensive journey to establish autism friendly home experiences and environments: Ideal for families at any point of their diagnostic journey.

Building a lighthouse: a 1-hour practical session for siblings and peers.


Group Training

Autism and Associated Neuro-Diversity Training (6 hours) A comprehensive journey exploring neurodiversity and developing strategies to support daily practice. For all levels working and /or living with autistic people. A very adaptable day including a comprehensive resource booklet.  

LIGHThouses (6 hours) Understanding Autism, supporting development, examining how best to engage and enjoy life with autistic neurodiverse children and young people. Ideal for those new to autism diagnosis and neuro-diversity and early in their journey of offering understanding and support.   

Spiral Stairways (6 hours) A school/educational settings focussed group training, offering a deeper understanding of autism and neuro diversity and the impact of the school environment. Explores how to encourage pupils of all ages, to best access, engage and enjoy their learning. Ideal for all teaching and support school-based staff.

Little Rock Pools (6 hours) Early years focussed group training, offering a deeper understanding of early development and indicators of autism and associated neurodiversity. Theory into practice; strategies and ideas tailored to early years and pre-schoolers. Ideal for all Nursery based Staff and pre-school organisations.    

Bright Lights (4 hours) An overview of autism and neuro diversity; the implications, impact and potential. Strategies and ideas to support those who engage with autistic people on more occasional or in a crisis / services situation. Ideal for non-sector staff and organisations; Dentists, GPs, Scout leaders, Emergency /Social / Community Services

ARTS (4 hours) Autism and associated neurodiversity, Routines, Transitions and Sensational Senses. I deal for those who have a basic knowledge and understanding of the Autistic and Neuro diverse profile and wish to extend their learning and knowledge and practice.  

Support Services

Personalised family / school calls and / or visits. Positive pro-active approach to explore strategies and ideas to support personal experiences.


Competitively pitched fees from £45ph (Groups £65ph) to encourage training engagement. Fees are negotiable to suit personal budgets, group size and needs.

Our Clients

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