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I have been attending autism meeting, events etc since my grandson was diagnosed and have found some more helpful than others.

You conveyed and explained so well Theory of Mind and why he just does not “get” some things. We felt relaxed and comfortable all the way through and learned a lot.

Lillian, Grandparent

Staff have already started discussing what they learnt in the session. One has also told another senior member of staff that they really enjoyed the session. I shall definitely be contacting Anne-Marie again. Her wealth of knowledge and approach
has been inspiring.

Sue, Yorkshire Education Sector

I have met many professionals who have suggested reading material and strategies for helping child X. However, the one thing that struck me about Anne-Marie is how passionate she is about Autism. This really came across in our meeting, which I found to be a breath of fresh air. I found our consultation very helpful and informative. She really has a wealth of knowledge about the subject area. I found Anne-Marie to be very friendly and a genuine, caring individual.

Loraine, Yorkshire Parent and Family Sector

This course was so well presented. Anne-Marie is a very good speaker and very informative.

Tracy, Merseyside Health Care Sector

The training day took place yesterday. It was, by far, the best thing I have ever attended on neuro developmental differences, a ‘light bulb’ 6 hours for me! She tailored the day to our Scouting needs and finished the day by introducing us to a 5 step approach LIGHT (Look, Inform, Guide, Help, Teach). She stressed that this approach was relevant for all young people and I could immediately see how it would help us towards ‘Skills for Life: our plan to prepare better futures 2018 2023’.

Linda Thelwell,
District Commissioner
Blacktoft Beacon District

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